WW2, the Nazis, and the Bush Dynasty

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Here are 4 stories worth reading. Why bury your head in the sand? Why pretend? Read. Research. Question. Inquire. Be proactive. And don’t take any crap from anyone.


George Bush Ancestor’s Bank Seized by US Government for funding the 3rd Reich

Hidden History of America’s War on Iraq

PNAC: Revealed and Exposed

Observe the Script the World is now Living

These deceitful people currently running the show on the world stage have had things planned as they are now occurring for a long time. Some of the most damning evidence is contained in an organization called the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

Their doctrines were create around the time of the 1st Gulf war, with Bush senior at the helm. While the major media do not talk about it, even though they should, this evil (yes, evil) organization does not hide what they are up to.

Go to their website and download their manifesto, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, where you will find some shocking facts. (Clicking the link will download a PDF copy to your hard drive). Read it! The script for what the so-called christian fanatics call the apocalypse… Sick stuff.

In it, they talk about empire building. They talk about the need to invade Iraq. They talk about America being the only military superpower on the planet, and that as such, we need to impose our will whenever and wherever we want. And on and on.

But, this was written in the mid 1990′s! And do you know who the founders and the main operators were then? Let’s have a look:

  1. Dick Cheney
  2. Donald Rumsfeld
  3. Paul Wolfowitz
  4. Douglas Feith
  5. Richard Perle
  6. Bush, Sr.

… to name only a few.

Now, this was written in the mid 1990′s, and these are exactly the same people who are in command now. The same people! It’s like we’re watching a script come to life… real horror show material, too.

What the PNAC brings to life is basically the blueprint for what we are seeing and experiencing today. We are watching passively as the script is playing right before our very eyes! And when you consider the way that Bush got “elected” in 2000 and again in ’04 … well… their sinister plan seems to have worked. For now…

Check their website, and read this crap… preferably before you vote, especially if you’re on the fence about who to vote for. The people in control now see themselves as emperors of the world, and will stop at nothing to see it through. In my opinion, 9/11 was a sham. If they didn’t directly have a hand in it, then they at least knowingly let it happen, as it was the perfect blank check and fear inducing strategy, to allow them to initiate their dastardly plan. Well, screw them!

They have hijacked this country, made a mockery out of democracy, and made the world a very dangerous place, which suits their needs perfectly. The more bad things happen, the more they can take away our rights and
liberties, and the sad thing is that once people are sufficiently scared, they willingly give up these most basic and wonderful of freedoms, in fact they even ask for it openly. We now live in a Demockery. Just the fact that Bush appointed a scumbag like John Ashcroft (who would love nothing more than to strip us of all our liberties), who lost his Senate seat to a dead guy just prior to being appointed Attorney General by the puppet Bush. I mean, the PATRIOT act, a document hundreds of pages long, was produced days after 9/11. Yeah right. They had it all planned out. Even before the attack. They just needed an opportunity to implement it. The rest is history.

Please check the PNAC website, and spend a little time studying it. This is their script, and we are the players, whether we like it or not:
Project for the New American Century

They MUST be stopped… and unfortunately, we are the ones who must stop them.

Here is a website that exposes what the PNAC is up to:

  1. http://www.pnac.info/

Illuminati Strike Again!

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Why Are Our Soldiers Torturing People in Iraq?

Lately, the Media have exposed horrible pictures of what American and
British soldiers are doing with Iraqi prisoners in Iraq. How come?
Aren’t the Media supposed to cover up for their Masters, the Illuminati
Lords? Are they suddenly in disobedience with their superiors?

Not at all. Like President Franklin D. Roosevelt so well put it: “In
politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can be sure it
was planned that way”. So also this time. To understand what is
happening, and why, we must understand the Illuminati motto:


The Big Plan, the Work of the Ages, is to create a One World Government
and a New World Order, which will be a slave society where the former
Soviet Union will look like a paradise. To accomplish this, the
Illuminati need to plan their actions well. They deal with the problem
of brainwashing 5 billion people into thinking “their way”, and that’s
not an easy task. Therefore they need to be very covert, convincing, and
use the best propaganda they know (which happens to be the Nazi
Propaganda developed by the propaganda genius Josef Göbbles). With the
above quote from President Roosevelt in mind, let’s figure out how those
sick people plan the future for us:

PROBLEM #1: The Illuminati create the War on Terror, culminating with
the 9/11 incident.

REACTION #1: People, shocked, want something to be done about it.

SOLUTION #1: The War on Terror, which also justifies the Iraqi invasion,
takes enormous proportions. There are several reasons for the invasion
of Iraq, but one of the less mentioned is that the USA and Great Britain
need a solid base in the Middle East to plan for future wars and
conflicts in the area. This is the reason why the United States is
shipping lots of weapons to Iraq. Everything has a purpose, and
everything leads toward a One World Government.

PROBLEM #2: The Media suddenly show disturbing pictures and tell us how
our soldiers, our “heroes” are breaking all the rules by torturing Iraqi
prisoners in the same way Saddam once did. What happened to our glorious

REACTION #2: People are shocked and demand that something is being done
about it.

SOLUTION #2: Military officers speak before the Media, reassuring us
that the abusers will be penalized. We are told that what was done is
NOT tolerable! However, soon enough more disturbing news reach us in our
living-rooms. The torture seems to have been ordered by Military
Intelligence and the CIA(!). Wow! What is going on here? So this was not
an isolated incident orchestrated by a small group of soldiers acting
independently? We are all confused. But we shouldn’t be. Remember
Roosevelt again. Who owns the Media? The Illuminati does. Therefore the
Media would never release those disturbing stories if there wasn’t a
purpose behind it. The purpose is this:

1. The Illuminati work towards Globalism. To achieve that goal they
need people to start thinking globally. One way to accomplish that is to
have us lose faith in our country. The torture scenes and the revelation
that the incidents were all planned help them in the right direction.
Incidents like these, one after the other, affect us psychologically
into thinking globally by losing faith in our country and the concept of

2. Kofi Annan says that the United Nations will go into the area
after June 30, 2004 to help bringing peace and order (ORDER OUT OF
CHAOS, which is the Freemasonic concept of achieving hidden goals). This
will calm people down and give them the illusion that a global
organization takes care of the problem when in fact all the UN is doing
is to convince us that Globalism is good and help the Illuminati king
pins to faster achieve the goal for a One World Government.

This is all very clever, but it is time for us to show them that WE are
not stupid either. This is a wake-up call to everybody everywhere on
this planet. We need to start recognizing the Illuminati Agenda when
shown right before our eyes. Only our joined efforts can help solving
the world situation …

So get off your asses and do something about it. However repugnanate the
thought of doing so, you must get involved in the ugly political realm
and take action against the things you do not stand for. Either that or
you, your children, grandchildren, etc. will get their come-uppance.

Brainwashing Technique of the Powerful

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I found this little tidbit quite a while ago. Thought I’d share it here with y’all. Thought it fit in with the brainwashing motif of this list.

The Illuminati manipulate humanity through the mind and emotions. There are too many people and too few Illuminati to control people physically, except on a small scale. They have to manipulate the way the masses think and feel, so we live our lives and see the world in the way the Illuminati want us to.

For instance, the most powerful of the manipulation techniques is known simply as Problem-Reaction-Solution. It works like this:

  • You want to introduce something you know the people won’t like. This may be more power to the police, a further erosion of basic freedoms, even a war. You know that if you offer these policies openly the people will react against them.
    1. So you first create a PROBLEM: a rising crime rate, more violence, a terrorist bomb, a government collapse, or you get one of your Illuminati puppets like Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden to go to war. You make sure someone else is blamed for this problem and not you, the real people behind it all. So you create a “patsy”, a Timothy McVeigh or a Lee Harvey Oswald. You then use your media to tell people what they should think about your manufactured event and who they should blame for it.
    2. This brings us to stage two, the REACTION from the people: “This can’t go on! What are THEY going to do about it?” A predictable response given the manufactured “circumstances”.
    3. This allows THEY to then openly offer the SOLUTION to the problems they have created – new legislation which advances their agenda of centralization of global power or the erosion of more basic freedoms.

This technique is being used all the time on the human mind and emotions. It produces great results as it has for a long, long time, and continues to do so today, perhaps better than ever, with the mainstream media the way it is: controlled by so few super-mega conglomerates…

Just thought you’d like to know.

Have a nice day

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