Thank Forward Thinking Companies

March 24, 2008 · Posted in progress · Comment 

Thank These Cool Businesses

If you’re looking for good news about global warming, look no further than World Wildlife Foundation’s Climate Savers companies. By 2010, these 15 major international companies will collectively cut their carbon emissions by some 13 million tons annually. It just about equivalent of taking over 3 million automobiles off the road every year.

Please sign the WWF’s petition to thank and encourage these businesses for leading the fight to stop global warming.

“Climate Savers” companies have voluntarily partnered with WWF to establish ambitious and attainable targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Participants include some of the biggest and best known companies on earth: Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Nokia and Sony.

To become part of “Climate Savers”, a company must negotiate rigorous emission reduction targets with World Wildlife Foundation and independent technical experts who monitor and verify compliance with the agreement. The targets may involve the energy efficiency of products, energy efficiency in processes and facilities, energy-saving products, conversion to renewable energy, and other activities that curb carbon dioxide emissions.

Let these businesses know that you appreciate their outstanding leadership on climate change.

A lot of the companies have participated in the program for several years. Some have already exceeded emission reduction targets.

You help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. We can encourage industry and big business to play a leadership role in addressing the root causes of climate change and limiting its impact on our planet.